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Siret Volunteers has ongoing fundraisers that contribute to ALL our volunteer projects. With the support of our volunteers, family and friends we have donated thousands of dollars to local programs in Arusha. 

Our volunteers have raised money to send young girls to college, sponsored education for local children, donated clothes, essential toiletries, educational tools, food and sponsored trips for school kids to visit beautiful parts of the country. You do not need to be a volunteer to donate.

All proceeds go directly to our local projects and the ongoing work they are doing in each of their areas. Projects which include:

- Children's Education

  • Books and school supplies

  • Educational toys and play time activities

  • Food for daily meals

  • We are also looking for Sponsors for school fees for children starting primary school and high school. School fees typically cost $350 per year or $30 per month sponsorship; including uniform, books, transport and daily meals. 

- Women's Shelter

  • The women's shelter takes in teen mothers and their children who are homeless. 

  • Donations can include children's clothes, women's clothes, sanitary products, hospital and health care costs (i.e medicine and check ups), food and learning materials.

  • The girls receive vocational training in hospitality, beauty, tailoring and teaching: updated materials such as sewing machines, catering equipment, classroom furniture and even used laptops for computer skills would be most essential. 

- Children's Sports Education 

  • The sports program allows young children to be part of a football and sports club that gives them and outlet and keeps them off the streets. It also promotes community togetherness and partnership.

  • New footballs, sports equipment, children's football kits, jersey's and football trainers would be greatly appreciated.

  • Transport costs to comfortably transport the children to football tournaments every month

  • Football tournament fees for the children to participate as a team


We are always looking for sponsors or volunteers who can work remotely to help us raise funds and awareness. If you or anyone you know would like to participate, we would really appreciate it!

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